This Photographer Takes Landscape pictures that’ll wreck havoc on Your Head

Turkish graphic designer and photographer Aydın Büyüktaş has actually perfected the skill of surrealism, along with his newest task leaves your face spinning into the easiest way.

Büyüktaş utilizes drones to take a series of overhead photographs, that he after that blends collectively to make an exceptional ‘declining’ result, where the world here seems progressively smaller and flatter – the project is, indeed, labeled as Flatland. Title comes from a book by English writer Edwin Abbott, in which he imagines a 2-dimensional world inhabited by geometric figures.

Flatland II is Büyüktaş’s newest portfolio entry, featuring moments he photographed while traveling throughout the US. We formerly featured his spectacular surroundings of Istanbul, so compare the East toward western below, and merely remember that you’re not really falling – it is the photo.

number 1

no. 2

number 3

# 4

no. 5






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